This Positive Ageing Month, Fermanagh and Omagh District Council’s Health Improvement Team is encouraging residents to make their homes safer by reducing household clutter. Clutter can make getting around the home more difficult and can result in an increase in household accidents, such as trips and falls. Not only can clutter impact your physical wellbeing, clutter can increase stress levels and reduce a person’s enjoyment of their own home. If you feel that walking around your home, is like navigating through a maze, it may be time to consider an autumnal overhual and reduce the clutter in your home. Top tips to reduce clutter in your home: • Start small, pick one area of your home and concentrate on it. We suggest that you start with the worst area first. • Remove items that are damaged, broken or no longer of use. • Remove trailing wire and frayed carpets and think carefully about where mats are placed within your home. • Make sure that all passageways are clear and that all ornaments and tables are moved from stairways. • Items that are still in good condition, or no longer of use, could be donated to one of our local charity shops or sold. If you are over 65, and would like more information regarding home safety or a FREE Home Safety Check, contact the Health Improvement Team on 0300 303 1777. Declutter your home and mind this Positive Ageing Month 16 Positive Ageing October 2022 | #positiveageingwest